Better Mount atop granite boulders, the Khejarla Fort rises like a sunbeam from the desert.

Situated in a rural setting, the 400-year-old, Fort Khejarla offers guests an enlivening experience. The stunning red sandstone monument is a mesmerizing example of the architecture of the Rajputs. The rugged exterior contradicts an inner paradise with a striking blend of art and architecture leaving one with a magnificent aura! The spellbound grandeur of the Fort offers picturesque settings, latticework friezes, and intricate Jharokas that at once transports you back in time to experience the majesty of a long-gone era of valour and chivalry.

The historic structure amalgamates with the golden tint of the desert ambience and the scenic setting suns in its most vibrant shades giving it a fairy tale appearance. Situated in a quiet and serene setting, Khejarla Fort carries a deep history and offers guests all the charisma and grandeur of an exclusive royal experience.

Leased by Bhandari Heritage Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Bhandari Exports, the gates of the majestic Fort Khejarla have now been opened for the tourist wishing to step back in time to share and experience the royal luxury and legacy. Bhandari Heritage Pvt. Ltd. took over the property two years back and meticulously renovated and restored it with modern, contemporary, and luxurious facilities without compromising the heritage touch. A new building has been added in the process and old structures were redesigned. The property has been developed with great care and love by the family.

The unique feature of the family – run hotel is that the hosts and the royal family reside within the Fort. Some of the staff are descendants of the noblemen who served the royal family for generations. Thus, guests are entitled to personalized and intimate service, along with royal pampering. The idea is to provide guests a home away from home.

Blending past elegance with modern day amenities, Fort Khejarla serves as one of the finest heritage hotels in Rajasthan. A stay at the Hotel is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime!