Royal Comforts

  • All the rooms have Mini Bars/Coffee Makers & Air Conditioning.
  • 40 Rooms (23 Royal Chambers, 11 Regal Rooms, 6 Suites)
  • Telephone and Currency Exchange
  • Hot & Cold Running Water
  • Village and Cultural Tours
  • DJ Facilities for parties
  • Express Laundry
  • Rejuvenating Spa
  • Banquet Hall
  • Henna


  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant – Indian, Continental, Rajasthani, Mughlai
  • Camel Rides/Horse Safaris/Jeep Safaris/Bicycle Rides
  • Arrangements for Weddings/Parties
  • Folk Dancing and Singing
  • Energising Gymnasium
  • Travel & Tours Desk
  • 24hr Front Desk
  • Doctor On Call
  • Games Room
  • Bar


  • ‘Nitisha’ Boutique for Ethnic Jewellery, Garments, and Souvenirs
  • En-suite Bathrooms with Modern Amenities
  • Broadband Internet Services
  • Taxi Services on Request
  • Puppet Show/Magic Show
  • Sauna & Steam Parlours
  • Lavish Swimming Pool
  • Conference Facilities
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Room Service
  • Library

Environmentally Friendly

Believe in Reducing Our Guest’s Carbon Footprint

Fort Khejarla has always been committed to sustainable development. Over here, we believe every member of our team from the Director down to the newest recruit has a total commitment towards being environmentally responsible.

Environment education starts from the very first day the team members join. We endeavour to educate them on the importance of the environment to not only their livelihood but also to the future of the world. Thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of our team, we are able to keep wastage in our hotel a bare minimum.


Some part of our water supply comes from natural rainwater. We harvest rainwater from all the roofs of the Fort. Various ducts in the ground collect the rainwater that flows through the property. This water flows through a network of pipes under the ground, and all the water is filtered, and then stored in a large tank.

Our top class AAA rated bathroom fittings use much less water than other conventional ones. The fittings are equipped with a special dimension ceramic disk cartridge that enhances durability and controls the flow of water.

Water Heating

Energy conservation is a high priority at Fort Khejarla. Solar roof panels heat water for bathroom and kitchen use. Most hot water systems use gas or electricity, which is a non-renewable form of energy. At Khejarla, we aim to help the environment by using solar powered hot water heating systems. Experts believe that amount of carbon emitted by non-solar water heaters and cars or bikes are almost equal.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable sources of energy do not come much more reliable than the sun. At Khejarla, we use the very latest technology to turn sunrays to environment savings. Solar collectors mounted on a roof are connected to pipes containing a heating fluid mixture of water and antifreeze.

When the sun heats up the solar collectors, the hot fluid is pumped through the pipes to a heat exchange coil in the twin coil hot water cylinder. Here the captured solar energy is transferred from the hot fluid in the coil to the household's hot water supply. The hot water in the cylinder is connected to the taps, shower, washing machine, etc in the usual way.

In order for the solar water heating system to run safely and efficiently, a range of valves are installed in the heating fluid circuit. A series of temperature sensors are connected to a digital solar controller to switch the system on or off according to the solar energy available. On days of limited sunlight, solar energy alone may not be sufficient to heat the hotel’s water to a usable temperature. In this case, conventional boilers have been fitted to boost the temperature of the solar heated water.


Khejarla also uses CFL (energy saving) bulbs for all its lighting requirements. These bulbs use five times less electricity than other bulbs. Many a times, the outdoor area lighting is supplemented by locally manufactured candles.

Air Cooling

The air conditioners used in guest rooms and common areas are energy saving. These powerful cooling systems reduce annual power consumption by as much as 40% compared to conventional units. Moreover, the variable power level of the compressor allows the air conditioner to maintain even control of room temperature so that very little energy is wasted.