Relax and enjoy activities inside the Fort premises 

Royal Welcome: Each The Royal Welcome is similar to the welcome activities that were carried out by the Royal family for their Royal guests and dignitaries. The welcome ceremony begins by receiving the guests, applying Tikka (red dot on forehead), garlanding with fresh flowers, and served with a special welcome drink.    

Fort Tour: Visit the 400-year-old exquisite Fort Khejarla, where you can and must spend the day viewing the spectacular extravagantly decorated rooms and the breathtaking views. 

Henna/ Local Folk Performers & Puppet Shows: Apply Henna or Mehendi as what is popularly known in India. Leave Khejarla with beautiful intricate designs on your hands or legs. Not only does it look beautiful, it also has a cooling and refreshing effect. The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the state. The art of puppetry is practiced by a community called Bhats who are associated with Rajasthani string puppetry. 

 Spa and Wellness: The Spa at the Fort Khejarla boasts of an extensive range of treatments that are available through the in-house therapists. 

Health Club: Open all day long, the health club is located in the spa building and consists of a gym, jacuzzi, and steam and sauna parlour.

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is accessible from morning until 7 P.M.

Kite Flying: Soar high in the sky with colourful kites to enjoy the traditional Indian sport.

Games Room: Situated close to the reception, enjoy a wide range of indoor games like chess, checkers, pictionary, backgammon, etc.

Library: If you fancy reading, pick a book from our in-house library.

Shopping: Situated in the courtyard, the boutique offers many traditional and contemporary handicrafts along with jewellery, textiles, and other local items.

Culinary Workshops: Fort Khejarla proudly boasts of the finest kitchens in Rajasthani cuisine. The recepies have been passed on for generations from the chef’s who handled the royal kitchen.

Photograph Time: The royal experience is incomplete if you haven’t dressed like one. Pick one of the colourful outfits from the reception and get dressed to take some pictures. Men get to wear the traditional ‘dhoti-kurta’ with the turban and women get to wear the traditional zari work ‘kurti-kachra’.

Daydreaming: The beautiful ramparts of the Fort are sure to leave you mesmerized. Choose one of the many quiet spots in the Fort and relax with a good book and a cup of Masala Chai or just doze off to the world of daydreaming.